Source code for invenio_assets.webpack

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Invenio.
# Copyright (C) 2017-2020 CERN.
# Invenio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the MIT License; see LICENSE file for more details.

"""Default Webpack project for Invenio."""

import os
from collections import OrderedDict

from flask import current_app, request
from flask_webpackext import WebpackBundle, WebpackBundleProject
from flask_webpackext.manifest import JinjaManifest, JinjaManifestLoader
from markupsafe import Markup
from pywebpack import ManifestEntry, UnsupportedExtensionError, \

project = WebpackBundleProject(

[docs]class WebpackThemeBundle(object): """Webpack themed bundle.""" def __init__(self, import_name, folder, default=None, themes=None): """Initialize webpack bundle. :param import_name: Name of the module where the WebpackBundle class is instantiated. :param folder: Relative path to the assets. :param default: The default theme to be used when ``APP_THEME`` is not set. :param themes: Dictionary where the keys are theme names and the values are the keyword arguments passed to the ``WebpackBundle`` class. """ assert default and default in themes self.default = default self.themes = {} for theme, bundle in themes.items(): self.themes[theme] = WebpackBundle( import_name, os.path.join(folder, theme), **bundle ) @property def _active_theme_bundle(self): themes = current_app.config.get('APP_THEME', []) if not themes: return self.themes[self.default] for theme in themes: if theme in self.themes: return self.themes[theme] def __getattr__(self, attr): """Proxy all attributes to the active theme bundle.""" try: return getattr(self._active_theme_bundle, attr) except RuntimeError: raise AttributeError( '{}.{} is invalid because you are working outside an ' 'application context.'.format(self.__class__.__name__, attr) )
[docs]class UniqueJinjaManifestEntry(ManifestEntry): """Manifest entry which avoids double output of chunks.""" def __html__(self): """Output chunk HTML tags that haven't been yet output.""" if not hasattr(request, '_jinja_webpack_entries'): setattr(request, '_jinja_webpack_entries', { '.js': OrderedDict(), '.css': OrderedDict(), }) output = [] # For debugging add from which entry the chunk came if current_app.debug: output.append('<!-- {} -->'.format( for p in self._paths: _, ext = os.path.splitext(p.lower()) # If we haven't come across the chunk yet, we add it to the output if ext not in request._jinja_webpack_entries: raise UnsupportedExtensionError(p) if p not in request._jinja_webpack_entries[ext]: tpl = self.templates.get(ext) if tpl is None: raise UnsupportedExtensionError(p) output.append(tpl.format(p)) # Mark the we have already output the chunk request._jinja_webpack_entries[ext][p] = None return Markup('\n'.join(output))
[docs]class UniqueJinjaManifestLoader(JinjaManifestLoader): """Factory which uses the Jinja manifest entry.""" def __init__(self, manifest_cls=JinjaManifest, entry_cls=UniqueJinjaManifestEntry): """Initialize manifest loader.""" super(UniqueJinjaManifestLoader, self).__init__( manifest_cls=manifest_cls, entry_cls=entry_cls )